Andrew Garfield Breaks Up With Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield Breaks Up With Emma Stone – An Eventual Split For The 3 Year Old Star Couple

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone make a great couple, or should we say, made. More and more confirmations are coming in for the gossip surrounding the couple, revealing that the breakup is now official.
Although it shouldn’t surprise fans that another couple in Hollywood said their goodbye’s to each other, however, the fans of this couple are nevertheless distraught, owing to the fact that the chemistry they both shared on screen was so great, it felt like it would never die.
But it did happen. As expected, there is a lot of speculation about the exact reason behind the event.
Most people are attributing it to the fact that Andrew has been too busy shooting his next movie with famed director Martin Scorsese in Taiwan, saying that the dark character is taking its toll on the psyche of the young actor. While on the other hand there are those who think that the emotional turmoil has more to do with the unceremonious way Sony dropped Garfield as their Spiderman.
Both theories have been rubbished by some and supported by others, but in the end, the common thread seems to be Andrew and his darkness. This only goes to show how hard a life in the movies can be on actors, even as famous and critically acclaimed as Garfield is.This is a very obvious symptom of the over exposed world that we live in. It is also the reason why people discuss and dissect these star studded relationships so much; since both fans as well as the people in the movie industry have already invested so much in the careers of both the stars.
The good news is that the breakup hasn’t gotten ugly so far. There have been no rumors about alleged affairs or hookups. There also have been no petty statements being made by acquaintances of the two actors. On the good side though, many pictures and videos show that the ex couple is still keeping in touch, probably just to make sure that the other person is able to move on in peace.
In a time when we are seeing more and more star couples splitting for one reason or another, this gives hope to people who need it, since often we are able to draw parallels from their lives to our own relationships. So, if regular people can learn to support each other during their breakups, then we can say that this heartbreak was worth it, in it’s own sick and twisted way.

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