Last year there was some decent bank robbing going on in theaters with the crime drama The Town from Ben Affleck, but now two of Britains biggest stars are each circling their own robbery films. 24 Frames has word on two different projects in development with Andrew Garfield and Ewan McGregor circling. The first film is called The Robber, a remake of the German film that would see Garfield as a marathon runner who robs banks for sport. The second project, Electric Slide, would see McGregor as gentlemen bank robber Eddie Dodson who robbed banks all over Southern California but without actually using a gun.
With The Robber, producer Laura Ziskin, the woman behind The Amazing Spider-Man, is also behind the project so Garfields involvement could certainly be official sooner than later. Apparently the original film from Benjamin Heisenberg has been described as being an existential inquiry as much as an action movie. Based on the true story of bank robber Johann Rettenberger, the film doesnt so much develop the character in great detail, but rather keeps him shrouded in mystery. The project is currently out to writers, so it might be awhile before we hear about this one.
As for Electric Slide, the producer of Blue Valentine is behind the newest iteration of Eddie Dodsons story which has been attempted several times before. McGregor sounds like the perfect guy to take on this role of a kind but desperate thief. The LA Times writes about Dodson, He had turned to bank robbery, holding up tellers in West L.A., Beverly Hills and the San Fernando Valley with a polite smile and a fake gun. He was smooth, unflappable. On his best day, in November 1983, Dodson pulled off six robberies in four hours, collecting more than $13,000. Yeah, I could definitely be into this story. A new draft of the script is due soon, so hopefully this one gets off the ground sooner than later.

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